Beware of Discount Brokers

As a home seller, typically your net profit is one of the most important goals when selling your home. Many prospective home owners interview more than one real estate broker prior to choosing one. Sometimes, a home owner may be persuaded to hire another Realtor that agrees to reduce their commission.

I understand that looking at this appears as this would save you a lot of money. I would agree that sounds great up front but let me express my concern you should be aware of. If you look at all the homes on the market, and look at the number of homes that have sold, there is quite a difference. It is one thing to list your home for sale, another to sell it, and another to close the transaction.

I have a question to propose… If your home is offering less money to agents who show your home, and another home that is close in square footage and similar floor plan to yours is offering the agent a bigger commission, which one are they going to show? The one that offers them the most money.

This is no different from you going to work and being presented with two jobs that are identical, take the same amount of time and effort, and yet one pays more than the other. You would take the one with the most pay just like the Realtors. Right?

Another thing to consider is do you think a Realtor who is willing to reduce their commission by 1%, or 33% of their gross profit without hesitation is going to fight for your profit and help you maximize your proceeds?

Make sure you look at everything the Realtor is presenting including a well-documented marketing strategy and proposal and proven market experience. It is important that you do not get blinded by an upfront reduction in commission because you only pay a commission once your home sells and closes for a price and conditions that you desire.

When you hire the Duneske Real Estate Advisors, you will get first class service from listing to closing. Being one of the top agents in the area, we have proven and repeatable strategies to help our clients maximize their profits while minimizing the inconvenience of having your home be on the market in show ready condition. I would encourage you to visit and see the 3-D technology we can do for our home sellers. This technology has proven to get our clients more for their home, reducing number or showings and reducing the number of days on the market.

It is important you know; we are here to help and please contact me anytime at (248) 939-9393 to discuss your real estate goals.


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