It Is Important That You Know This

I have been blessed in my 12 year real estate career that I have been able to help over 1,200 people purchase, sell and lease out homes in the Metro Detroit Real Estate Market. Over the past week I have had a few emails from a few prospective clients who asked me if I had time to help them buy and sell their home. Needless I was taken back that this question was even asked. One of the home buyers said, “I know I am only looking to purchase a $50,000 home and I know I am not a big buyer so I understand if your too busy and cannot work with us”. Another email was someone looking to lease out their home and said “I know this is a small deal and I know you are very busy and understand if you choose not to take on me as a client.” I could not respond quick enough to both of these contacts and let them know that there is no such thing in my professional opinion as “too small of client”. I will always find time to help, bottom line. I have always practiced this philosophy that whether you’re looking to purchase or sell a home that is $1,000,000 or $30,000 , I will treat both clients with the utmost professionalism and will seek to offer the highest level of customer service possible.

Again, I am blessed that I have so many wonderful people that have chosen me to be their Realtor over the years and cannot put into words how appreciative of the trust that has been given to me. I cannot express how much I appreciate every referral I am given to help people with their real estate goals. I look forward to what everyday brings and the new people I get to meet and help. Please know, it is important that you know, I am always here to help.


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