What is a Certified Pre-Owned Home

I am so excited to announce my newest and Exclusive Home Selling Program which has never been offered in the Metro Detroit Real Estate market until now.

I want to start this post by giving this example. Picture this, you go to a car dealership and Car “A” is offered coming with one year warranty, has had a 151 point inspection and comes with a life time of oil changes. You then go down the street to another auto dealership, see the exact same vehicle (let’s call this Car “B”), but this dealer is not providing a warranty, has not been inspected and is coming with no additional complimentary maintenance after the purchase and is selling their car “as is”. Which vehicle would you purchase? Would you even pay more for Car “A” then Car “B” knowing it came with all these additional perks?

Now I will explain what this example has to do with my newest home selling program. Imagine you are out shopping for a house and you go to view Home “A” that is being advertised as a “Certified Pre-Owned Home” and are informed that this home has had a 1,600+ point home inspection, comes with a home warranty, has had a pest and termite inspection and has had an appraisal preformed. Best of all, this information is available for your review, even before making an offer on this property. Now you go down the street and walk in to Home “B” that is listed for sale at the same price as Home “A” and find out that it does not come with a warranty, has no inspections and has not been appraised. Which home would you probably make an offer on? Would you even pay more for Home “A” that is a “Certified Pre-Owned Home”?

Similar programs across the country have been used and studies show that properties that are “Certified Pre-Owned Homes” sell on average 28 days faster and for 4.5% higher then homes without this certification.

The best benefit about this program is that everyone involved in this transaction wins, and there are no losers. The sellers win by selling their home faster and for a higher amount and are inconvenienced less in the home selling process. Home buyers win because they get the assurance that the home they are purchasing comes with a warranty, has been pre-inspected and has been appraised in advance.

Once this transaction has closed, there will be over 10 local, Metro Detroit companies involved such as a Home Inspector, Pest Inspector, Home Warranty Company, Appraiser, Title Insurance Company, Mortgage Company, Real Estate Brokerage, Home Owners Insurance and more involved in making the American Dream come true.

Want to find out more benefits of this program or discuss your home selling goals, please feel free to contact me at (248) 939-9393.


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  1. It is definitely important for home buyers to feel good about the purchase they’re making. It’s one of the biggest purchases most people make, and a home inspection usually helps ease some of the stress! Thanks for your post!

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