What Novi Home Owners Should Know About The Novi Real Estate Market Today!

Here are four great housing statistics for any home owner in Novi that I am so excited to share with this group.

  • 377 homes have sold in Novi this year, up from 355 from 1/1/2010-11/14/2010. That is almost 6% increase in closed home sales!
  • Average dollar per square foot sold in 2010 to 2011 is up from $104.03 to $104.93. A sign of Novi Housing values appreciating!
  • Average sales price in 2010 YTD to 2011 YTD is up from $281,718 to $290,232. Another sign of Novi Home values appreciating!
  • Average days on market in 2010 YTD to 2011 YTD is down from 99 days to 85 days. A sign of the increased demand for homes in Novi.

As the old saying goes, “Timing is everything”. Right now in the Novi Michigan Real Estate Market, we are experiencing something that we have not seen in years, which is an extreme shortage of homes for sale. The inventory of homes on the market today is actually down over 50% from one year ago. Being one of the top-selling real estate broker here in our city helping over 1,000 home owners over the past 12 years in our wonderful city, I have been on a mission trying to spread this word and help keep the America Dream a reality. Feel free to contact me with any specific questions or if you have thought about selling. I have a list of buyers and brokers ready to buy today! I will be sure to keep updating with any positive real estate news in our community.

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