How to you sell your home in one day

Over the last 11 years and with almost 1,000 homes sold here in the Metro Detroit Real Estate Market, I am constantly looking for innovative ways to help my clients sell their home. My goal is to always help my clients sell in the shortest time possible, net the highest return, and pose the lease amount of inconvenience.

I am sure you want to know by now, how can I sell your home in one day here in the Metro Detroit Real Estate Market? The answer is by having an auction. Now I know you may be thinking, “An auction?”

Anticipating some of the top questions I am sure you may thinking, I have decided to address a few of these concerns. I would highly advise getting a pen and paper and start jotting down your questions and thoughts.

Q – “What if the highest bidder offers $1.00?”.

A – You will have a set minimal accepting price. It is up to you to decide if you wish to disclose this number or not when you list the home for sale. There are pro’s and con’s in disclosing this number and we can discuss this at our consultation.

Q – “What if we do not receive an offer from the auction?”

A – Your home would continue to be listed for sale on the multiple listing service and all of the other 100+ real estate websites I advertise my listings at. The only change is that your home would no longer be in an auction format.

Q – “How is the auction operated?”

A – Prior to the auction, I will list your home for sale and advertise for a minimal of 8 days but no great then 14 until we will allow a prospective buyer or Realtor to view the home. We will also hold an open house for a short window of time the day of the auction to create a very busy environment. On the first day of showings, we will ask for all offers, “Highest and Best” by a set time. At the end of the day of the auction, you and I will meet together to review all offers.

Q – Is there any cost to retain my services and list your home for sale?

A – There is no up front fees collected. I have taken on 100% of the cost to advertise and market your home and share my professional expertise with you.

There is much more to this new and exclusive home selling program that I am officially revealing today that I cannot list all the details here. Since there is only a handful days a month auctions days work best on, I can only retain a number of new home selling clientele on for this program. Contact me today for more information and to arrange a private, no-obligation consultation.


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