What is a Virtual Open House?

One of the top questions many of my home selling clientele in the Novi Real Estate Market and Metro Detroit Real Estate Market ask me before we list their home for sale is, “Will we have Open Houses?” The answer I give to my sellers is “Yes, we will have a Virtual Open House, and it will be holding it open online, 24 hours a day till we have an offer accepted on your home.”

The day I list your home for sale we will also take pictures for your virtual tour. Typically by the end of the same day, I will have the virtual tour of your home posted to over 100 websites and ready to be viewed by hundreds if not thousands of home buyers. When I do a virtual tour of your home we will usually have 12-24 different panoramic views from within your home to give any home buyer who is looking at your home online, a feel like they are at your home. If the tour peeks the interest of the buyer, then they will either contact myself or their agent to arrange a showing with you, the home seller. Almost 100% of my home sellers prefer this approach versus the traditional, Sunday 1-4 PM open house.

To see all of my active virtual tours, click on this link http://www.visualtour.com/inventory.asp?u=104251&prt=10003

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