Ready to appeal your property taxes in March? Then you better be prepared with having this….

So you may ask yourself, what gives me the best chance of appealing my homes taxable value? To have the best chance of being successful, I would recommend these two options that you can use with your appeal. Your first option is you can have an appraisal done on your home which can cost you close to $350 or the second option which I would highly suggest is you can have myself provide a comparable market analysis (CMA) for your home which is 100% FREE. No strings attached, only thing I ask in return is to please pass my name on to any friends, family, co-workers who come to mind that may be looking to sell or buy a home this Spring/Summer.

Anyone who owns a home in the Metro Detroit Real Estate or Novi Real Estate Market will be receiving from their local assessors office very shortly or for some of you, you may have already received your 2011 Taxable Value and State Equalization Value (S.E.V). In the second week of March, almost every municipality in the State of Michigan will hold tax appeal sessions for homeowners with their city assessors, board of review. Most cities typically have a certain time frame of when comparable home sales can be used in the appeal process and it is important you know these dates so they do not throw out your appeal.

To receive your FREE market analysis so you can then appeal your taxable value, please fill out the form attached to this link and in the comments section, please indicate that this is for your tax appeal. Feel free to share my real estate service with anyone else that you know of that may benefit from this.

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