Not doing this could end up costing you double or triple the actual costs when selling your home.

By not adding a fresh coat of paint or replacing the flooring and carpeting if there is excess wear, tear, visible flaws or damage to the “Big Three” when selling your home could end up costing you much more in the long run. Buyers will tend to over exaggerate the costs because this is now their burden to deal with if they become the new home owners. I have seen buyers very often double or triple the estimated costs to these updates from the actual costs when negotiating an offer.

Many home sellers that I meet with in the Metro Detroit & Novi Real Estate Market often ask me if they should update these three features of a home if it needs to be done or if they should just offer an “allowance” or “credit” in lieu of getting these things taken care of. My answer to this is “You only get one chance to make a first impression”.  Many home buyers sometimes have a limited vision of seeing past the things that need to be done and even though a credit can help “ease the pain”, the best thing is to just front up the expense of these repairs right from the start and eliminate these big objections when selling. You will end up saving money and time on the market if you do these updates right away.


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