When selling your house, make sure you get rid of this

When selling your home, the sense of smell is one of the factors that can either give your home a warm and inviting sense or a deterring feeling. The two biggest odors that can give any home buyer a deterring feeling is the smell of smoke or pet odors. It is so important that when your selling your home that your try to eliminate these smells. Having a good carpet clean prior to listing your home is a recommendation I always give to any home owner. It is a good idea to even have deodorizers used when the carpets are professionally cleaned. If you smoke, this is a time to try to kick the habit, at least in or around your home.

One of the helpful suggestions I give to my homeowners when selling their home is to buy a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough. If possible before showings, bake a quick batch of cookies and leave out for your prospective home buyers. Nothing gives a more warm and fuzzy feeling then fresh-baked cookies and the smell is one of the best to have in your home. If this is not possible, purchase a few plug in’s with a nice and inviting smell.


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  1. Make sure you are getting rid of anything that is wet and mildewy as well. This can tend to happen in the spring and if its not taken care of will smell for the rest of the year. Making sure you have proper ventilation is a huge part circulating air through your home as well. If you are trying to sell turn on fans and open windows when possible.



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