You may not think this is the case, but it really is…

Do you know one of the best months to sell a home is the month of January. I know what your thinking, its freezing outside, it’s cold, it’s dark at 5 PM… why would anyone want to purchase a house now. Well I have seen over the years and countless studies show that January is one of the busiest months of the year for corporate relocations. Most businesses fiscal year starts January 1st, and with this relocation budgets are fresh and the flood gates of corporate relocations take place. This benefits you, the seller because most of these consumers become some of the best home buyers you will see throughout the year. They bring to the table no contingencies such as not having to sell their home and are looking to move fast! If your thinking “I am going to wait till the Spring months to sell my home”, you’re not alone. Many home owners have the same game plans but if your serious in selling your home quickly, and with the least amount of hassle, this may be an opportunity that comes only once a year. If you are or know of someone thinking of selling their home in the Metro Detroit area, please feel free to contact me anytime.


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