Five”Outside The Box” ideas when selling a home

When your selling a home during a recession, this requires a home seller to get creative — really creative. recently reported five ways you may not have considered to sell your home. I don’t know if I would do some of these ideas but it is worth a smile for some of them. They are:

• Sleep overs. Take a cue from HGTV’s “Sleep on It” and let prospective buyers stay in your home as they ponder the deal. You might not get any sleep with strangers in the house, but they’ll get to see what it feels like to “live” in their potential dream home.

• Longer sleep overs. Some owners are hiring house sitters to live in their home and give it that, well, “lived in” look and feel. And some sellers are letting the house go with everything in it —  fully furnished. The technique takes staging to the next level, but again, sleepless nights for you hoping the sitter doesn’t walk away with your stuff.

• Swap homes. See and to help learn how to find others who share your housing preferences. It’s not going to be as easy as finding a soul mate on sites like Finding a perfect home swapping mate requires time and effort. If you need to sell in a hurry, for get about it! 

• Find a builder. Some builders will buy your home, for later sale, if you buy one of their new homes. Don’t expect a big profit, but this strategy could give you a fast move if you find a builder with an over-supply — not a difficult task.

• Offer incentives. New home builders slash home prices by as much as $100,000, but if you don’t have that kind of equity to throw away consider everything from gas cars to motor scooters (to stretch that gas card). Pay homeowners association dues, offer skiing equipment, leave one room furnished. Get creative to create some buzz for your listing.

Any creative ideas you have I would love to hear about them.


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  1. If you have started a DIY project its in your best interest to finish that as well. Looking at a half finished bathroom/ basement/ mud room etc. leaves a bad taste in a new home owners mouth. Also upgrading any appliances in the kitchen and bathroom is usually a big hit with prospective homeowners.

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