Why wouldn’t you do this if you were thinking of building a new home

Having professional representation when you purchase a new construction home is a must. The #1 FREE benefit to you is every builder I have ever represented a client in will always compensate a Realtor at no additional cost to you, the consumer. Having dealt with dozens of new construction communities in Novi and other cities in Metro Detroit, I am able to bring a professional representation to the table for you and be your advocate, advisor and negotiator in the process. There are hundred of options when you build a home and many of these decisions can be financially wise or not when you build. Having worked with a builder for over 2 years, I know areas where builders have more room to negotiate than others, ultimately saving you thousands for your bottom line. One of the most important things to know if your thinking of building a home is contact a Realtor first before you ever step one foot into the builders model. Reason being is most builders will only compensate and allow you to have your Realtor representation if the Realtor accompanies you on your first visit to the builder. This is known as client registration. Other important benefits of having a Realtor with you is that they can help with suggestions on options you can sometimes do after you close on your home, ultimately saving you thousands. Builders also like to sometimes pass on traditional sellers closing costs on to the buyer. Having a Realtor being able to review the builders contract with you and pointing out some of the “hidden costs” again can save you thousands. Bottom line is why wouldn’t you retain a Realtor if you were building a home?


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