Waiting to sell or buy a home this Spring? You may want to reconsider after reading this.

April 30th is the deadline for the extension of the $8,000 first time home buyer credit and the $6,500 move up buyer credit. The market is busy NOW! Homes are selling in the matter of hours, not weeks. Back in the Fall, when there was uncertainty if the home buyer credit would be extended past November 30th, and there was a fury of activity in the months of September and October because home buyers and sellers did not want to miss the chance to capitalize on this tax credit. Now that the credit has been extended, home buyers are getting a second chance and want to get a jump-start before the housing inventory is picked over too much. Home buyers are getting out today to get the best conditioned and the best priced homes. Don’t settle on missing the best buys and contact me now to get set up on the most accurate home inventory list emailed to you today.

For home sellers thinking of selling this Spring, re- read  the above paragraph again. I cannot think of a better time to sell a home in the past eight years then now. There has never been more home buyers in the market place and there have never been more reasons for home buyers to buy, i.e. low mortage rates, large tax credits, great home values. Another great reason to sell now is you can take advantage of the $6,500 tax buyer credit if you have lived in your current home for at least the past 5 years and buy a new home by April 30th. If your thinking of selling, contact me today.

Make the best of this great opportunity. I am ready to help you today and make your housing dreams a reality.

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