One of the biggest teasers in the real estate market today.

I am not a big fan of short sales when representing home buyers, AT ALL! #1 reason is the list price, or what the home is being offered for really has nothing to do with where the home will sell at. The bottom line is before a bank even thinks of accepting an offer on the home and moving forward with a short sale, the bank will usually require atleast one if not two different market analysis or appraisals done on a home to see if the proposed sales price is in line with this home being sold at market value. I have seen all to often a home buyer and seller wait on average 2 to 4 months to wait for the banks reply all to have the the offer either denied or countered and that is why short sales are one of the biggest teasers in the market today. Don’t believe that just because you pay list price for a home listed contingent on short sale approval that this is what you will get the home for. It is so important to have a good market analysis done by your Realtor first to make sure the home is in line for what it is being listed for. Save yourself the time and heartache.

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