NEVER fall for this!

Make sure you do not pay any transaction fee by a broker/real estate agent who tells you that they collect this on top of their commission at closing of your real estate transaction. What a transaction fee is an expense charged to the consumer on top of the commission for their job of either listing or selling a home. I look at this as charging a client twice for the same job. The average transaction fee ranges from $99 up to $399. REFUSE to pay for this fee! I have never charged my clients a transaction fee. In a real estate market where sellers are loosing thousands of dollars on their home sale or where buyers are now bringing a lot more money to closing for down payments and their liquid funds are sometimes minimized, consumers should not be tricked in to thinking this is right. If you choose to work with a broker or agent other then myself, make sure you ask this upfront, “Do you charge a transaction fee”? If they do, refuse to pay or have them remove this charge. Beware, many brokers/agents will hide this fee in fine print in their listing contracts or purchase agreements.


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