I am now an Associate Broker!

In 2008 I passed the Michigan State Real Estate Broker Exam and I am now an Associate Broker at Remerica United Realty. I am now more educated and can help my clients with this new knowledge. I am now more versed on the following…

ESTABLISHING THE COMPANY, a 15-hour class that ties together the many laws that regulate the real estate company and the development of its policies and procedures.

EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS AND AGENCY a 15-hour class that addresses the concept of agency through the various employment contracts which are used in the real estate business.

PURCHASE AGREEMENT a 15-hour class using purchase agreements to address contract law as well as to address the difference a clause can make in terms of what party the contract is written to benefit.

TITLE AND CLOSING, a 15-hour class addresses issues of the title company as a closing company; issues of the title to the property as well as the process of closing a transaction with hands on practice in the creation of a closing package.


Fair Housing: The Mindset, a study in the thinking behind the development of fair housing law.  (4 hours)

Fair Housing: The Application, a study in how fair housing law applies to various real life situations. (3 hours)

Fair Housing:  Policies and Procedures, a discussion to creating policies and procedures for your brokerage. (2 hours)


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